Daria Wrubel, LMFT

I am the mother to a wonderful teenager, a spouse, a daughter, an indoor rock climber, a meditator, a singer, a dancer, and a ukulele player, born and raised in Berkeley, California. Before becoming a therapist, I worked as a gardener and outdoor educator. I have been privileged to spend most of my work life with children. I have an enduring love for the magical, vulnerable time of rich learning and imagination that is childhood.

My goal as a therapist is to help guide you, your child, or your family on your journey to healing.  The core of my approach is to cultivate presence, allowing the fullness of each moment to arise, be experienced, and be cherished.  By cultivating appreciation for the present moment, we cultivate an appreciation for life, in all its fullness.  When sadness or other difficulty arises, we can cherish those feelings, too, knowing they are a part of the fullness of life, and that they will pass.  Nothing lasts for ever, even pain, so we can learn to appreciate all of it.  And you do not have to be alone in your pain.  We are here together.

I will use compassion and understanding to create a safe space in which you, your child, or your family can explore what’s most important to you, and any obstacles that stand in your way.

I feel privileged to share with clients the peace and equanimity I bring to this work.  While I became licensed as a marriage and family therapist in 2020, I have worked with children and families in various settings for over 20 years, and have been practicing meditation since 2001.  I have led indoor and outdoor therapy with individuals and groups. I hope I can be of help on your path.

My work can support an assortment of childhood issues, including:

  • somatic complaints (stomach aches, headaches, etc.)
  • behavioral issues (defiance, aggression, inattention)
  • neurodivergent issues (autism, ADHD, sensory processing)
  • problems with friendships
  • attachment issues
  • separation anxiety
  • depression
  • excessive worrying
  • panic attacks