We all need reminders sometimes of the things that can help us restore a sense of well-being. Here are some of the reminders I have found helpful:


The best thing to do is get outside, but if that’s not possible, you can bring the outside in with nature cams or nature photography.


My favorite way to meditate is with a group of other practitioners (also known as a sangha). You can find both Buddhist sanghas and secular meditation groups here:

There are also lots of apps, videos, podcasts, and recordings that offer guided meditations. Here’s one you can do with kids:


Singing and playing music with other people is a wonderful way to build community and a sense of connection, and listening to or playing music by yourself can also create healing opportunities. Below are some of my favorite sources of music to listen to with your children:

  • Melita Music – Melita is a wonderful music teacher for younger kids, and has many great recordings. Her band, Octopretzel, gives dynamic performances.
  • Joe Reilly – Joe’s music emphasizes nature and mindfulness, so what’s not to like?
  • The Banana Slug String Band – Songs to inspire an interest in science and the natural world. And catchy, too!
  • Mothersong with Joya Winwood – Her in-person groups are in Santa Cruz, but you can purchase recordings or get the songbook to play at home.

And here are some fun music videos that were favorites with my family:


I have many favorite poems, so here are just a few (these are for adults, but some can be shared with children) :