What is Psychotherapy?

The Great Mystery

What is Psychotherapy?

In therapy, we work to know ourselves better, and to hold all parts of ourselves with love and compassion.  Even in the midst of uncertainty, therapy teaches us to be curious about our lives, our motivations, our fears, and our values.  By engaging in non-judgmental inquiry, we can learn more about ourselves, and learn to live in harmony with our greatest ideals.  Therapy helps us be at peace with our lives, and to make necessary changes.

How does it work?

Therapy works because of the safety and care created in the relationship between therapist and client, and through a process of compassionate inquiry.  When we allow ourselves to truly witness our lives, and to be present for whatever arises, we cultivate equanimity, patience, and acceptance.  The more at peace we are, the more we will enjoy our lives, and make the most of our unique experiences.  Therapy may explore painful aspects of our lives, but it can also be fun!  By discovering ourselves more deeply, we touch the root of what it means to be joyfully alive.

What does it look like?

When you take the brave step of reaching out for support, we will begin with a telephone consultation.  Should you choose to follow-up with an in person meeting, we will make an appointment.  When you arrive at my office, there are comfortable chairs, toys, games, art supplies, and a work table.  You can sit in silence to center yourself, draw a picture to awaken your creativity, explore the room to see what sparks interest, or begin to talk about whatever arises for you on that day.  I am here as a friendly guide, but the choices are yours.  A session is typically 50 minutes – sometimes shorter with young children, sometimes longer for family sessions.  Sessions are typically scheduled once per week, but that can vary according to your needs.